Looking In - The Art of Sas Christian

Inside... "Looking In - The Art of Sas Christian" (2006)
Sas Christian - Justin Giarla - Long Gone John
9mm Books
Printed on Hardcover
128 pages, Full Color on Premium Gloss

A monograph of Sas Christian's work through 2006 encapsulated in a case bound emotional intense high gloss volume of 128 pages. Strong images rendering the intent of flirty, ballsy, weepy, punk, catholic, no-nonsense, funny, intelligent, unusual, independent, odd ball, outsider, contemporary girls. A portfolio of life experiences from boarding schools, religious training and a self-struggle to break out of the old school. Moods inspired from anime, Tamara De Lempicka and Mark Ryden are reflected in this outstanding collection of Oil and Acrylic paintings on canvas, board and linen. Pages are laid out in various formats including single images, images with an associated zoom detail as well as full spread bleeds. The Foreword is by Long Gone John, the Introduction by Justin Giarla, includes an image index and an artist's statement. A must have for the Sas Christian fan and collectors of the expanding world of Popular Contemporary Art.

Sas isn't trying to duplicate what has come before but rather she has added admirably to the legacy by creating a unique and increasingly beautiful body of work. Her paintings are seductive, vibrant and alluring with a visible affection for Japanese anime. There are a lot of people splattering paint around these days and actually quite a few considerably gifted ones, but artists who possess the passion, imagination, verve and technical abilities of Sas Christian are as rare as an invitation to a leper for a skinny dip in a community hot tub... dig? - Long Gone John, Foreword

My original inspirations relied heavily on anime, Tamara De Lempicka and Mark Ryden. I loved the creative expression of the Harajuku kids in Tokyo. They filled me with such hope and excitement. Originally the intention of my paintings was just about creating a strong image, purely visual. I wanted to impart a modern tongue-in-cheek humor, incorporating my experiences. Contemporary, ballsy, flirty, weepy girls; punk, catholic, no-nonsense, damaged but not broken girls. Funny, intelligent, unusual, independent, odd ball, outsiders. Lovely. - Sas Christian, Artist
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