"DARK WATER " group art exhibition

Where: Copro Gallery

Bergamot Station Arts Complex
2525 Michigan Ave , Unit T5, Santa Monica , CA 90404
Ph: 310/829-2156

E-Mail: CoproGallery@Live.com
Web-Site: www.CoproGallery.com

What: "DARK WATER " group art exhibition curated by Martin Wittfooth

Dark Water Web-Preview

Opening Reception, Saturday, November 12 - 8:00 - 11:30 p.m.

Dates:   Exhibit runs; November 12 –December 3, 2011

Contact:  Gary Pressman, Gallery - Director Copro Gallery

Wittfooth Assael

Dark Water

Copro Gallery presents a group art exhibition curated by artist Martin Wittfooth. Bringing together 29 internationally renowned contemporary painters, Dark Water is a collaborative exploration of a theme that yields
both personal as well as universal interpretations.

Historically in art and literature, the imagery of dark water has made a symbolic allusion to various states of the inner self, such as the murky
depths of the subconscious or the raging seas of our more turbulent
moods. Alternatively, in our modern age the imagery of dark water can
also provoke a reflection on such topics as environmental imbalance and
a global dependency on - and uneasy relationship with - the dark waters
of industry. Ferrying us across this stygian visual landscape are some of
the most celebrated painters of our era. Artists in this group have their
work included in such public collections as The Metropolitan Museum of
Art in New York, the Brooklyn Museum, The Smithsonian Institute, and London's National Portrait Gallery.

Artists Included;
Marshall Arisman (www.marshallarisman.com)

Steven Assael (www.stevenassael.com)
John Brophy (www.jbrophy.com)
Dave Cooper (www.davegraphics.com)
Phil Hale (www.allenspiegelfinearts.com/hale.html)
Caitlin Hackett (www.caitlinhackett.carbonmade.com)
Andrew Hem (www.andrewhem.com)
Kenichi Hoshine (www.kenichihoshine.com)
Charlie Immer (www.charlieimmer.com)
Josh Keyes: (www.joshkeyes.com)
Brad Kunkle : (www.BradKunkle.com)
Jean Labourdette (www.turfizm.com)
Jeremy Lipking (www.lipking.com)
Adam Miller (www.adammillerart.com)
Alyssa Monks (www.alyssamonks.com)
Christian Rex Van Minnen (www.seevanminnen.com)
Jenny Morgan (www.jennymorganart.com)
Billy Norrby (www.billynorrby.com)
Alexandra Pacula (www.alexandrapacula.com)
Mu Pan (www.mupan.com)
Matt Rota (www.mattrotasart.com)
Jean-Pierre Roy (www.jean-pierreroy.com)
Ben Smith (www.bensmith.viewbook.com)
Nicola Verlato (www.nicolaverlato.com)
Eric White (www.ewhite.com)
Aron Wiesenfeld (www.aronwiesenfeld.com)
Elizabeth Winnel (www.bensmith.viewbook.com)
Jason Yarmosky (www.jasonyarmosky.com)
Martin Wittfooth (www.martinwittfooth.com)