Rachael Bridge - 'SleepWalking' / Adam McCarthy - 'Last Call'

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Rachael Bridge - 'SleepWalking'/ Adam McCarthy - 'Last Call'
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Rachel Bridge SleepWalking
Adam McCarthy Last Call

WHEN: Exhibit runs; May 29 – June 19, 2021
Artist Reception: May 29, 2:00-7:00 PM masks required, social distanceing 20 admitted at a time - outside area available - Open To The Public - Artists will be present!

WHERE: Copro Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave. T5, Santa Monica, CA 90404 / Call or e-mail Gallery for info. 310-829-2156 CoproGallery@Live.com

Adam McCarthy 'Last Call' 36" x 72" oil on canvas

Copro Gallery presents two solo exhibitions Rachael Bridge 'SleepWalking' & Adam McCarthy's 'Last Call'. Both shows feature Darkness, Beauty, Texture & Paint.

Last Call is the very last opportunity to do or order something and is the title for the latest body of work by artist Adam McCarthy. His paintings feature portraiture with a dark narrative. Compelling visages of glowing beauties, covered in ink, texture & light with a sense of intrigue and always a sinister twist. The narrative in his paintings range from dark and tortured to whimsical and light.

AM bio: Adam is a professional artist currently working in the video game industry as an Art Director. He is fulfilled by his work in the digital space but his passions lie in the use of his hands to create. The process of drawing and painting gives Adam the organic medium to complete him as an artist.

Rachael Bridge Nocturne 18" x24" oil on panel

Rachael Bridge new body of work 'SleepWalking' was created right after the COVID19 lockdown March 2020. Says Rachael, "Circumstances compelled me to make some big life changes as well as deal with things from the past. I painted while overcoming some heavy baggage that I'd been carrying around for a long time. Being isolated from the outside world’s collective madness emboldened me to shift my perspective, like an awakening."

Saturated in color, each character tells a story that only Rachael knows. Glossy vixens rise from her brushes, often wet and sultry. They float, smoke and exist in a dark sinister wonderland. Shrouded in shadows, their colors pop from the canvas, conveying an eerie light. Her works often resemble film stills, offering a snapshot of the protagonist during a moment of a deep, ominous trance. There is a wealth of emotion in the eyes of Rachael’s characters, and their harrowing stories are told in luminous gazes. Each delicately rendered painting is a deeply personal, and unique manifestation of her own narrative.

RB bio: Rachael Bridge is an artist from New York whose style is a unique take on traditional portraiture, which she warps to create an otherworldly, dreamlike aesthetic.Rachael currently lives and works in New Jersey.

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