WHERE: Copro Nason Gallery (11265 Washington Bl., Culver City, Ca. 90230
WHAT: Age of Aquarius; Summer Solstice Group Show
DATE: July 17, 2004 through August 28, 2004
CONTACT: Gary Pressman, Copro/Nason Fine Art Gallery

We are going into a time frame in the cusp of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, moving from the techno age into the age of the Spirit. Surrounding us in a circulating motion that is vital, vibrant and cool it is like a refreshing breeze, sometimes radical & consciously shocking. Inspiring and uniting us whether we want it or not because this is the next phase of evolution.

Since ancient times people have celebrated the Summer Solstice midsummer with bonfires. Through the fire's power, spirits and demons were banished." Fire generated sympathetic magic: giving a boost to the sun's energy so that it would remain potent throughout the rest of the growing season and guarantee a plentiful harvest. It was celebrated in cities and towns with parades, pageants, plays and festivals in the market place, and towns.

Copro Nason Gallery has assembled a group of important artists that are all components of the coming "Age of Aquarius". Changing our perceptions of what great art is and what the future generations will look back on as the art from the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Good Times.

Aquarius is typical of man's last grand goal of the soul's future material state with lightning speed in all organic forms with its primary origin in water and in the forests.

Live Music with Scarling at 8:00 p.m.

Artists included: Mark Ryden, Chris Mars, Shag, David Lynch, Marion Peck, KRK Ryden, Aaron Marshall, Sas Christian, Glenn Barr, Marilyn Manson, Joe Vaux, Alex Gross, Jeff Soto, Ray Caesar, Sean Christopher, Skot Olsen, Vincent Locke, Clark, Miles Thompson, Esao Andrews, Spazz, Matt Burlingame, Andrew Brandou, Dave Burke, Craig LaRotonda, Jason D'Aquino, Dave Leamon, Von Franco, Pamela Jaeger, Bartley Johnson, Mike Davis, Morgan Slade, Anne Nicholls, Dave Dexter & more.
Pictures from the Opening
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