WHERE: Copro/Nason Gallery, 2525 Michigan ave. T5, Santa Monica, CA 90404
WHAT: "Splat - Anthony Ausgang, KRK Ryden " - 2 man art exhibition
DATE: Aug. 20- Sept. 10, 2005 opening reception August 20, 8:00 - 11:30 p.m. (Artists will be present)
CONTACT: Gary Pressman, Gallery Director, Copro/Nason Gallery

Copro/Nason Gallery presents a 2 man art exhibition that goes SPLAT. Anthony Ausgang explores the area where the fantastic and the real overlap while KRK Ryden paints a style that’s astonishing, eye popping and probably illegal.

Ausgang states, "I call my work "Represtraction" because I feel that my type of cartoon imagery is neither completely representational nor completely abstract” Utilizing self designed cartoon cats occupying reality based environments, Ausgang  creates scenarios that mimic human situations. From one night stands to bad drug trips to joyous dancing, these cats have it all. "The cartoon universe defies the laws of physics. For example things can fall up instead of down; likewise a cat can have two heads and three tails.

Ausgang's art has been featured in recent books, Pop Surrealism, Weirdo Deluxe and Morning Wood. Art critic David Pagel writes, “ Ausgang's work portrays life run amok in a world where things go wrong and stay that way." Things may still go wrong but nowadays it's nothing that a good hallucination or two won't fix.

Krk’s art is a record of mongrel pop culture with an aesthetic derived from surrealism, punk rock and cartoons. While his world view is strictly DEVO the work embraces everyday absurdity and a cartoon view of reality. His paintings are colorful and visually appealing reflections on discarded Icons and floating parallel universes. Anthropomorphic potatoes, little alien observers and surreal globs blend together and beyond the far horizons like a backdrop in a Hollywood backlot.