Beautiful Bizarre Magazine curated group art exhibition


May 4 - May 25, 2024

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01Alex Garant_LR 02Chet Zar 03Omar Rayyan
Alex Garant
Oil on Canvas Panel, 24"x 20"

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Chet Zar
Cyclops (2024)
Oil on canvas, 36" x 48"

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Omar Rayyan
Broken Vase
30"x 24" oil on panel

04Camilla d_Errico_LR 05Kremena Chipilova_HR 06Annie Montgomerie_1a
Camilla d'Errico
Manticoria (2024)
Water soluble oil paint birch wood, 14" x 11"

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Kremena Chipilova
The Blue Bird, 2024
Oil on panel, 8"x10"/ framed to 13.3"x15.4"

Annie Montgomerie
Cat Got Ya Tongue, 2024
fabric, plastic, mixed media 17" tall

07Jorge Dos Diablos 08Jana Brike_LR 09Brian Viveros_LR
Jorge Dos Diablos
The Golden Rooster', 2024
Oil on canvas 29.2" x 22.5"

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Jana Brike
Of the Sky and the Earth 2024
Oil on linen, 20"x 28"

Brian Viveros
Oil, acrylic on custom cradle wood panel, 14”x 19”
10Olga Esther 11Jeff Echevarria_LR_censored 12Hannah Flowers_LR
Olga Esther
The Hummingbird 2024
Oil on panel, 38x55 cm.
Jeff Echevarria
Losing Neverland (2024)
Charcoal and Graphite powder. PanPastels on Somerset Velvet
20" x24" | Framed: 26"x 30"

Hannah Flowers
The Lady And The Unicorn
Oil on linen panel, 40x50cm

13J Henry 14BABS WEBB_LR 15Dolce Paganne
The Tinker (2024)
Oil & metallic powder on wood-backed paperboard
Babs Webb
Within Us, 2024
Powdered graphite & acrylic on bristol, 7" x 7"

Dolce Paganne
Nebula of Fairytales (Fog VI), 2024
Pencil, watercolor & ink on paper 28"x 22"
16Luke Hillestad 17Aron Wisenfeld_Framed 18Jasmine Worth
Luke Hillestad
Bastet, 2024
Oil on Hemp, 27" x 20"

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Aron Wiesenfeld
The Silver Skates (2024)
oil on panel, 10"x12"/ Framed: 15.5"x17.5"

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Jasmine Worth
Omens (2024)
Oil on birch panel, 10"x 8"

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19Jon Ching 20Jasmine Becket-Griffith_LR 21Ed Binkley_1
Jon Ching
Fenghuang 2024
Oil on wood, 24"x 18"

Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Ornithomancy: Missive
Acrylic painting on wood panel, 16"x12"

Ed Binkley
Changeling, Sunday Dress (2024)
colored-pencil on paper, 17 x 11, framed 24" x 18"

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22Kevin Peterson_LR 23Jon Carraher 24Ksenia Buridanova_LR
Kevin Peterson

18" x 14" /Framed 20"x 16" Oil on paper to panel

Jon Carraher
Journey in the Otherworld
Wood, paper clay, oil paint, 24"x 21"

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Ksenia Buridanova
12" x 12" Oil on wooden panel

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25Phoenix Chan_LR 26Jesus Aguado 27Stephanie Inagaki
Phoenix Chan
Daily Life #11- Maneki Neko on Duty (2024)
Gouache and color pencils on wood panel, 11" x 14"

Jesus Aguado
The Fake Seller 2024
Acrylic on wood panel. 20"" x 16"

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Stephanie Inagaki
Fox Coven 2024
Charcoal, pan pastel, gold foil, 24"x 18"

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28Lola Dupre_HR) 30Roxy Peroxyde_LR 31Rachael Bridge_LR
Lola Dupre
Argus, 2023
Paper collage on panel 17"x 12"

Roxy Peroxyde (Roxanne Sauriol Hauenherm)
Big Red Riding Hood 2024
Oil on canvas, 18" x 14"

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Rachael Bridge
Awake In A Dream 2024
Oil on panel, 20"x 16" / Framed 24"x 20"

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Travis Louie
Umibozu Yokai
10"x 8"acrylic on board

Allen Williams
Persephone, the Dread
oil on sealed Strathmore 500 series illustration board
12"x 9"/ Framed 17"x 14"

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Thomas Ascott
The Snow Queen Removes a Mirror Shard
Oil on board 10 ”x8” / Framed:15”x 13”

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34Jason Mowry 33Xue Wang
Jason Mowry
The Fabulist Palanquin, 2024
Watercolor and Gouache on paper
20"x 14"/ Framed 26” x 20”

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Xue Wang
Whisker's Picnic Delight 2024
Oil on Escaboard,18"x16" / Framed: 24.5" x 22.5"

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Kelsey Beckett
Gilded Snow Queen
Oil paint on panel, 14" x 14"

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35Orphne Acheron_LR 36Vanessa Lemen_LR 37Simona Candini_LR
Orphné Achéron
Transylvanian Twilight 2024
Pencil, ink gold paint on Arches185g/m2 paper, 19"x 11"

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Vanessa Lemen
Voyager of the Willowverse 2024
Oil on panel, 24x18"/ Framed 30x24"

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Simona Candini
On Dragon Wings, 2024
Oil on Belgian Linen canvas, 16"x20"
38Tom Bagshaw 39Josh Keyes 40Ryan Heshka_LR

Tom Bagshaw
A Gift For Danu 2024
One off hand embellished digital painting
cotton rag stock on board 15"x 11"/ Framed 21"x 17"

Josh Keyes
Big Bad Wolf
acrylic on birch cradled panel, 11"x14"
Ryan Heshka
The Ballad of the Legend of Lady G, 2024
14"x 11" /Framed 20"x 17" colored pencil on paper

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Richard Ahnert
From The Pages 2024
Oil on Canvas, 30"x 24"

Naoto Hattori
Thoughts Creating 02
Acrylic on board 5”x 3” / Framed 8”x 6”


Erik Mark Sandberg
24"x 24" oil, acrylic, and epoxy resin on panel

41Lizz Lopez 42Lori Nelson 43Angela Gram
Lizz Lopez
La Llorona 2024
Oil on linen, 24 x 36"

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Lori Nelson
The Portal 2024
Oil on Wood,30"x 40"

Angela Gram
"Icon II', 2024
Oil on panel, 12"x 9"

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44Noah Norrid_LR 45FreeRangeBrain_24x18 46Richard Williams_FINAL LR
Noah Norrid
Similitudes 2024
Watercolor on hot pressed watercolor paper 34"x 28"

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Joe Vaux
Free Range Brain
18”x 24” Acrylic wood panel

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Richard A Williams
Faust 2024
40"x 30" oil on panel

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47Yousuke Kawashima 48peca 49Steven Kenny_LR
Yousuke Kawashima
Okuchi no Magami 2024
Oil paint, Gypsum ground on panel, 29"x 24"

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Nahuali 2024
Oil in linen 16"x 16"

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Steven Kenny
Pandora's Book
oil on panel 25"x 19" / Framed 30"x 24"

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32Sooj Mitton_LR 62Lavely Miller
Sooj Mitton
The Storyteller
Acrylic and metallic pen, on canvas, 40x60cm

Lauren Marx
Watercolor, pen & gel pen, colored pencil
on paper. 18"x 24"

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Lavely Miller
Fable and Folklore 2024
Acrylic on paper on canvas,24"x 20"

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50Chris Guest 51Dewi Plass_LR 51Roos van der Vliet_LR
Chris Guest
Princess 2024
Oil on linen, 30"x 26"

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Dewi Plass
The Curious Cat and its Innocent Ways (2024)
20"x 20" Acrylics on cradled birch panel

Roos van der Vliet
Future Ancestors I
Acrylic on canvas 24"x 16"

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52Jessica Dalva_1 53Luis Toledo del Rio_LR 54Erika Sanada_1b
Jessica Dalva
Nulla Promissa, 2024
polymer-infused gypsum,acrylic paint,antique metal
thread, wire, epoxy clay, wood base 21" x 11" x 8"

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Luis Toledo del Rio
Oil on linen, 24"x 20"/ Framed 30"x 26"

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Erika Sanada
Komainu (2024)
Ceramic, cold finish, "7 x 7"x 4.5"

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55Crystal Morey_2 56Kit Mizeres 57Crystal Morey_1
Crystal Morey
Venus of the Sea
Hand sculpture porcelain 5.5”x 3” x 1

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Kit Mizeres
I Saw You On the Night of Kupala 2024
Gouache and Watercolor on illustration board,
9" x 9"/ Framed 13" x 13"

Crystal Morey
Venus of the Forrest
Hand sculpture porcelain, cone 5” x 3” x 1

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58Stephanie Kilgast_6 59onathan Viner 61Ito Chieko_LR
Stephanie Kilgast
The World 2024
Mixed media under CD, 16 x 14 x 17"
Jonathan Viner.
The Imperial Rumpus Room
Oil on linen 48"x 48"

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Ito Chieko
Jigoku Tayu 2024
Acrylic paint, Indian ink, Gohun, Japanese paper
mounted wood panel, 24"x 20" /Framed 28"x 24"

63Miho Hirano 64Juli About_4
Kim Slate
The Hedgehog and the Fox
Clay, epoxy, wire, gouache, wood,
10-1/2" x 6-3/8" x 7-1/2"

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Miho Hirano
Putting away untruth', 2024
Oil on canvas, 18"x 15"/ Framed 21"x 18.5"

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Juli About
A Sainte Marthe 2024
Porcelain, textile, thread and wooden bobbin,
14" x 13.7" x 8"

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65 66Michelle Avery Konczyk 67Andi Soto
Kristin Kwan
Cradle, 2024
Oil on panel, 22” diameter

Michelle Avery Konczyk
I Kept My Map On My Chest', 2024
Watercolor on paper to custom-cut wood panel, 23"x 17"

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Andi Soto
Ink, graphite, gouache, watercolor, acrylics,
resin and gold leaf on heavyweight paper
9.75” x 9.75”/ Feamed 16” x 16”

68Guil Zekri 68Tamura Yoshiyasu_LR JPG 69Ellen Jewett
Guil Zekri
Feathers for the Golden Veil"
Oil on canvas, 50cm on 100 cm"

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Tamura Yoshiyasu
Comet Fox Ⅲ / 天狐Ⅲ"", 2024
Acrylic, gold leaf on canvas,30"x 40"

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Ellen Jewett
(air drying polymer, epoxie, acrylic, mineral pigment,
no VOC resin, metal), 12"x12"x10"

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70Calvin Ma_1c 71Gerlanda di Francia_LR 72Virginie Ropars_1
Calvin Ma
Ceramic, acrylic, 6.5" x 7"x 4.25"

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Gerlanda di Francia
Mesmerizing Green
Acrylic on Masonite, 18"X 14"/ framed 21"x 18"

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Virginie Ropars
Redeeming Wildfires 2024
Polymer clay and mixed media

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Forest Rogers
Night Bloom 2 (2024)
23.5" x 5.75" x 4.75"
Mixed media, Japanese air-dry clay, mulberry papers
brass and aluminum armature, acrylics and inks