"Kava Kava Man""The Little Inferno"
Copro Nason celebrates "12 Years Of Fine Art Publishing," begining Saturday October 26 th. Opening reception runs from 9:00-12:00. We will be having a silent auction for two original Shag Paintings, "The Little Inferno" and "Kava Kava Man." Here is your chance to own an original Shag without having to know anybody except a few "Dead Presidents". Money talks and the highest bidders will own these paintings (Call the gallery to make a bid). We will also be debuting two new shag prints, "Envious Girlfriend" and " Death's Unending Vacation." This is a permanent collection show with original art by Robert Williams, Big Daddy Roth, Von Dutch, Shag., Liz Mcgrath, Glen Barr, Sas Christian, Sandow Birk, Charlie Kraft, Pizz, Coop, Kozik, Von Franco, Ausgang, XNO, Nathan Cabrera, Kristen Easthope, Arthur Katz and more. Check back soon for images of the show.
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