Mark Garro

October 15 - November 5

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a_warchildf armsracecarf candycane
Arms Race Car
15" X 11" oil on panel
in antique frame with convex glass
19 X 15 framed

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Candy Cane of Truth
14" X 19" oil on panel
in 3 dimensional wood frame
with swinging doors
frame is about 16" X 11" X 7"

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Landscape charred
Water blackened
Atomic winds compress Shotgun shells
and missile silos
Form the Warchilds dress
while below the surface nuclear Urchins
Release their built-up stress
Mischief waits without being bored
There is much to do with malice stored
As Christmas nears with Children Manic
Dark elf schemes to sink Titanic
If you thumb your nose in the face of God
Mr. Death or worse will get the nod
DNA patters only take you so far
It’s up to you to make or break par
Wander round and ponder how the world goes
As Krampus seeks and energy flows
Win the Battle but lose the war
That's what fate may have in store
for those who try to raise the bar
And run you over in the Arms Race Car
coldwar2 eve1 lbblew2
Cold War
12" X 19" oil on panel in antique frame
with convex glass 16" X 24" framed

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Eve of the Storm
15 X 19 inches acrylic and oil on panel
in antique frame with convex glass
20" X 23" framed

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Little Boy Blew!
19" X 12" acrylic and oil on panel

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Battered bludgeoned bent and sore
Blue victor awaits his belt
Defeated unseated and nursing his welt
Defender Red watches ice melt
After white flash and above the roar
The champ exclaims, "I win Cold War!
Eve sees an apple , then lo and behold The story we've heard
and so often told Starts with a rainbow and a pot-belly of gold
Apple bite Colors wipe Vishnu floats and Jesus fights Buddah
keeps an eye on things While full moon swims with fins and wings
Sleep and dream while Earth is born Shaking sky and water torn
Salvations passage opens wide For those who dare to float inside
Landscape Blown to Timbuktu
Fish grow giant in radioactive stew
It was not by the birds but by how the birds flew
That everyone knew Little Boy Blew!
z_buttercrucifly3 z_goredgourddetail2 z_hell
24" X 36" image size 26" x 38" framed acrylic on board

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Gored Gourd Ward
19.5" X 22" framed

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Cirque du Hell
62" x 36" oil on board
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Red workers cracking
Green progeny expanding
So purple goes on