Good Samaritan's
group art exhibition
December 13 - January 3


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brian good_samaritan good_samaritan_framed
Brian Viveros
Oil / mixed media on maple board
18" x 24" W/Frame -  26" x 32"
$3200.00 SOLD
"Good Samaritan"
8" x 8" W/Frame12.8" x 12.8"
acrylic on board.
$4800 SOLD
"Good Samaritan" framed
line of fate line of fateb manson
Femke Hiemstra
"Line of Fate"
7.9 x  7.1" W/Frame 15.7 x  16.5",
mixed media on book cover
gold colored, baroque styled frame
Mirogard glass (colour neutral museum glass)
"Line of Fate" framed
The russian title means 'line of fate'. (It's wound runs on his
fate line, hence the title).The piece is about a ceremony
of a badly wounded/ dying hand. It's carried away from
a (battle) scene. The book's originally a childrens book
and the girl in the painting is Femke's version of one of
the characters from the book
Dr. Charles Manson
"Reflection 1988"
3 1/2" x 5 1/2 " pen & ink on paper
w/ photo print of artist circa 1988
march_bat march_halo mari_be_good
Bethany Marchman
"Portrait of the Bat as an Artist"
oil on canvas, 7" x 9", framed
Bethany Marchman
oil on canvas, 13.5" x 15.5" framed
Mari Inukai
"Be Good or Bad"
12''x12'' W/Frame 14''x14''
Oil on canvas