Mari Inukai

May 8 - May 29

Decadent_lV Decadent_lll decadent_ll
Decadent IV
Oil on wood board 22’’x20’’
$2,200 SOLD
Decadent lll
Oil on canvas 20’’x16’’
Decadent ll
Oil on canvas 20’’x16’’
hazama_in_between hokkyoku_seifuku hshirokuma_wo_tasukete
Hazama in Between
Oil on wood board 16’’x16’’
$1,600 SOLD
Hokkyoku Seifuku
Oil on canvas 18’’x36’’
Shirokuma Wo Tasukete
Oil on canvas 14’’x18’’
sena _kaeru sena_fumi sena_seifuku
Sena Kaeru
Oil on canvas 18’’x18’’
Sena & Fumi
Oil on canvas 30’’x30’’
Sena Seifuku
Oil on canvas 24’’x18’’
z_fumi z_red_shoes z_sena
Graphite on paper drawing
Red Shoes
Graphite and color pencil on paper
Charcoal on paper
z_sena_fumi zt_chobirinki-chan_print zu_print
Sena & Fumi – Study for painting
Chobirinki-chan Limited Edition Print
22’’x17’ ’printed on museum grade 100% cotton rag acid free paper ,combined with Ultrachrome K3 pigment ink, assuring complete archival quality. Each print is individually proofed by the artist and comes signed, numbered and stamped with the artist's personal hanko signature seal
.Limited to an edition of 20
$250 / $350 with frame
New print coming