July 2011
Opening reception
Friday, July 29
Genevive, Ewelina, Chris, G to R

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Immaculate Gallery View Genevive & Ewelina _Daniel Boone
_LU10031 _LU10032 _LU10033 _LU10034
immaculate paintings Ewelina's Wall Genevive Ewelina
_LU10035 _LU10045 _LU10046 _LU10049
Chris Peters Genesis to Revelation Revelation begins paintings
_LU10103 _LU10104 _LU10107 (2) _LU10109
hanging out Drink Up - The End Is Near Genesis from another view Dark Vomit and the Manson Family
_LU10110 _LU10111 _LU10122 _LU10151
Manson Family year book Chris Peters - Curtain Call Genevive-Gary-Erica Where did everyone go?
_LU10156 _LU10194 _LU10198 _LU10199
crowd Brian Smith Super Cooper Berella J
_LU10204 _LU10205 _LU10206 _LU10209
Everybody Dies - Dont feel bad!! Peters corner Dan Collins - Keith Weesner Live - The Livingstons
_LU10210 _LU10222 _LU10241 _LU10247
The Livingstons Erik Alos & muses _Marco Almera Super Cooper Berella
_LU10252 _LU10274 _LU10279 _LU10283
Punk Rock Poodle w/ owner Ewelina - Nicola Verlato - Company Immaculate Deception Ausgang