Where: Copro Gallery

Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Ave , Unit T5, Santa Monica , CA 90404
Ph: 310/829-2156


Opening Reception, Saturday, July 10 - 8:00 - 11:30 p.m.

Dates:   Exhibit runs; July 10 - July 31, 2010

Contact:  Gary Pressman, Gallery - Director Copro Gallery


Copro Gallery is proud to present “Kubrick”, a solo exhibition of new works by Los Angeles artist Carlos Ramos. 11 years after the death of Stanley Kubrick, Ramos pays homage to the man who wrote and directed such films as A Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strangelove, The Shining and 2001: A Space Odyssey by transforming the galley into a retrospective space with graphic pieces celebrating the greatest and most respected filmmaker in history. Ramos faces his longtime obsession with Kubrick by painting interpretations of his films including the white-on-white habitations of 2001 to the Native American carpet patterns of The Shining to the matching white Droog uniforms in A Clockwork Orange. The emptiness and humanity of Stanley Kubrick's subjects and characters and unique spatial design come to life thru Ramos' unique eye.

Carlos Ramos was born and raised in Burbank, California and graduated from the California Institute of the Arts. Ramos has created numerous shows for Cartoon Network, Walt Disney Studios, and Nickelodeon, including The X’s and Chalkzone, which garnered him an Annie Award for Individual Achievment in Art Direction. Ramos’ work has been featured in numerous galleries and he used to co-host the Burning Brush auctions with Tim Biskup in the early days of Pop Surrealism. He currently lives in the hills of Silverlake.

Juxtapoz Magazine, Jan/Feb 1999. Issue No. 18- by Hope Urban writes “From the littered streets of Hollywood to the whitewashed walls of its hotspot galleries and cultural institutions, the reclusive artist known to a nation of enchanted spectators simply as “Becca” has brought her tale of urban alienation and sly humor to life in the form of her innocent little girls and elegant ladies.”

Her latest exhibition at CoproGallery simply called "becca" will feature all of her classic images as well as many new characters and concepts. She is currently working on a documentary spanning from her street art roots in the 90's until current day. For a preview click on this link becca's movie clip


Mark Covell's 'In Ruin' offers the latest works from his haunted, hallowed world where abandoned machineries meld with forgotten mythologies and become eerie things of beauty. Mark has the attitude that shiny new mechanics have no story to tell until they've tarnished over time. He continues his exploration of obsolete gods and goddesses that plague the status quo while still poking fun at the world. His love for the hard rock album covers of the 70's and 80's fuses with his dark humor to open the window to this elegant, decaying landscape. In this world, humans and machines blend together as a pronouncement of man's obsession with technology until machines become more human, and humans are becoming more machine in both thought and physicality.

Mark Covell was born in 1972 in Hartford, CT and began drawing fanatically at the age of five. The young artist, fed on a healthy diet of comics, Star Wars and Frank Frazetta, immersed himself in the drawing and painting of these favorite subject matters. After graduating from Paier College of Art, Mark began illustrating children's books. Since then, he has moved on to a successful career of concept art and storyboarding. Mark's work has been featured in Playboy Magazine, DC comics, and can be seen regularly in Spectrum, the Best of Contemporary Fantastic Art.
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