Lola's "Natural Beauties"- "Super School" - group art exhibition  invitational

*CoproGallery, 2525 Michigan Ave. T5, Santa Monica, CA 90404

What: Lola's "Natural Beauties" solo exhibition
gallery 2 - "Super School" - group art exhibition 
Invitational curated by Lola

Telephone: 310-829-2156 Wed.-Sat. 1-6 p.m.

When:  opening artist reception (many artists present) March 7, 8:00-11:30 pm
exhibition runs March 7 through March 28, 2009

Contact:  Gary Pressman, Gallery Director

*CoproGallery is proud to present Lola's exquisite exhibition "Natural Beauties". In her second solo exhibition with the gallery we find Lola exploring the unique world of supposed 'outcast' elements in nature. These intricately rendered paintings provide a rich context for the artist to pursue the truly soft and gentle essences of these shy creatures and their surroundings.

With a highly developed sense of creativity and masterful technique evolving from within her ever-growing narrative, Lola brings forth a world filled with moments of delicate allure. The creatures and scenes that make up "Natural Beauties" are composed with a cunning elegance and each painting ultimately rests in a fundamental coexistence with its specifically chosen antique frame. 

"Super School" - group art exhibition  invitational

This group exhibition is an invitational offering curated by the lovely and talented Lola, running concurrently with her solo show. This exhibit features a visual array of artists representing a select cross section from contemporary masters of the visual equation. The focus of this optically engaging offering is to expand the viewer's knowledge of the endless possibilities encountered during the painter -- viewer experience, hence the informative and boisterous title.

Artists in the exhibition include: Scott Musgrove Travis Louie Gary Baseman Sas Christian Chet Zar Heiko Mueller Dan May Martin Wittfooth Chris Ryniak Nathan Spoor Kris Lewis Carrie Ann Baade Michael Page Ana Bagayan Kevin Peterson Naoto Hattori Amy Sol Francesco LoCastro Reinier Gamboa Mia  Brian Viveros Dan Quintana Tin and more...

* Copro/Nason Fine Art has changed it's name to CoproGallery