"Strings and Things with all their Means " - Lola


Where: Copro/Nason Gallery

Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Ave , Unit T5, Santa Monica , CA 90404
Ph: 310/829-2156
E-Mail: www.copronason.com

What: “Strings and Things with all their Means ” - Solo Art exhibition with Lola

Opening Reception, November 10, 8:00 - 11:30 p.m.
Dates:   Exhibit - Saturday, November 10, 2007– December 1, 2007

Contact:  Gary Pressman, Gallery Director Copro/Nason Gallery 

Copro/Nason Gallery presents a solo art exhibition from Los Angeles artist Lola. “Strings and things with all their Means”, is a full bodied story touching on self revelation through an open heart as we slow down our pace to a comfortable frolic. Observing the little door which until now has gone unnoticed, we can now feel brave enough to enter our own world to discover our greatest creation...ourselves.

Lola has been a big hit In the underground scene over the last several years, selling out her work before her shows open. She began her career as a tattoo artist but found It very constricting. She was raised In a family where her father was an artist and began painting very young. Blessed with a very vivid imagination, which Is very apparent In her work today, she was very creative as a child and used her imagination to create strange art from the very beginning.

Lola's work is influenced by sarcasm, silliness, lots of music, and little old men in fancy knee socks, walking backwards for a new perspective and of course the June bug that visits me by way of the open window at night.