The Great “Gugga Mugga” discovered in South America at the turn of the century, this krampus punishes his victims by placing his index finger and thumb in the nostrils of the wicked and lifting them off the ground several times. The lasting effects of this punishment are incredibly large nostrils.

The Greater “Gugga Mugga” of South America harvest Woolly Krampus' and send them off to Eastern Europe when they mature. The Gugga Mugga is the largest Krampus in the world. At 27 ft in height, he is quite menacing, despite the sad look on his face. Some say it is because he is the only one of his kind. In actuality, he is always sorry to see his newly harvested brethren go to the old country. It is the way of things.

“Wilhelm”, the what is it? is the herald of the great “Gugga Mugga”. He often travels to Eastern Europe to find out where Krampus' are needed. His constant motion and awkward shyness, amount to him being rarely seen. Most people don't know what he actually looks like. He has been described as having horns and a beak. Others say he has two sets of eyes and lots of facial hair. Here we have a rare photograph showing at least the latter to be true.