Travis Louie's
Monster? group art exhibition
July 11 - August 1

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a_may_the_gift a_may_the_gift_fr a_ojessica joslin_phineas
Dan May
The Gift
acrylic on panel
13" X 12" / 21" X 20" framed
$2200 SOLD
21"x20" framed Jessica Joslin
Phineas (named after PT Barnum,
who commissioned the original Fiji Mermaid )
10"x5"x8"  Antique brass hardware and
findings, silver teapot spout, glove leather,
cast and painted plastic, glass eyes.
a_rokuro_lj2 advert_reappraisal ana
Audrey Kawasaki
While You're Sleeping
16" x16" acrylic on wood
Mark Elliott
The Reappraisal
acrylic on amberboard 19" x 19"
Ana Bagayan
acrylic on board 9x13
archangel16x12 b_tiff blooddollbrom
Tristan Elwell
16" x 12"
Tiffany Liu
"The Monster that Ate the World."
16"x9" acrylic on board
Blood Doll
14"x11" oil on board
$1,400 SOLD