WHERE: Copro Nason Gallery (11265 Washington Bl., Culver City, Ca. 90230
WHAT: "New Souls" with Keith Weesner, John John Jesse and Jason D' Aquino
DATE: June 5th through July 3rd opening reception June 5th 8-11 p.m.
CONTACT: Gary Pressman, Copro/Nason Fine Art Gallery

"New Souls" represents 3 artists whose visions seem to have been created long before the birth of the characters or scenarios depicted. Jason D'Aquino uses the juxtaposition of old surfaces and new icons hence time becomes confused and the question of chronology comes into play. John John Jesse's drawings have evolved into full gothic figures (in the historical sense) towering in vertical spaces, with the obsessive delicacy and detail of Art Nouveau on acid. Keith Weesner has a retro surreal style, depicting hot rods and pin-up girls in unusual situations. All glimpse into a past that lies in the future.

Jason D'Aquino is strongly influenced by the images of his childhood. He was first exposed to Art through the colorful pages of children's books. To this day, Fairy tale and nursery rhyme imagery are ever-present in his artwork. Using high-powered magnification glasses he creates drawings of a painstakingly miniature scale. The concentration of detail emphasizes the poignancy of the message. A work of such proportions must be viewed at very close proximity.

John John Jesse's art exemplifies not only his Catholic school upbringing and school girl obsessions, but the whole pomp and ceremony of Catholicism. His subversive use of religious iconography and imagery reveal the experience of his younger mind exposed to the confusion of ideals and reality. This hypocrisy of the church has left an indelible mark on him and in this form of expression he hopes to leave his mark on the world. Vivid color, built up in translucent layers of pencil, embellished with gold enamel, erupts alongside finely rendered ink drawing and mists of paint from the spray can.

Keith Weesner's work represents his obsession with cars and vintage pin-up illustrations. He studied automotive design at Pasadena Art Center but has been drawing hot rods and customs since he was a kid. There is always a twist in his work whether it's naked girls welding or a sexy girl in lingerie taking an engine apart. As an artist and Hot Rodder he appears in American, English and Japanese car magazines. For more than a decade he has worked in the animation industry on projects such as Gary Baseman's "Teachers Pet" for Disney , "Power Puff Girls" feature for Cartoon Network and many others.