The Place we Call Home

September 5 - September 26

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All paintings come framed

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noferin1 noferin10 noferin11
"In which the midday sun
sparkles through the mist"

arcylic on wood 26" x 18" image size
"In which Milo feels the sand
between his toes"

arcylic on wood 12" x 8" image size
"In which the sea sings
in perfect harmony"
arcylic on wood 13" x 10" image size
noferin12 noferin13 noferin14
"In which the more it snows,
the colder it grows"

arcylic on wood 9" x 9" image size
"In which friends arrive
at the river house"

arcylic on wood 8"x12" image size

"In which Jac Jac seeks
the secrets of the reeds"

arcylic on wood 9" x 9" image size
noferin15 noferin2 noferin3
"In which a gentle breeze
sends it soaring"

arcylic on wood 8" x 10"
"In which a message
finds its way"

arcylic on wood 18" x 10"

"In which a clifftop vista
captures the bay"

acrylic on wood 20" x 18"