Nouar : Hell is a Kitchen - XUE Wang: The Unclouded Mind

Where: Copro Gallery

Bergamot Station Arts Complex
2525 Michigan Ave , Unit T5, Santa Monica , CA 90404
Ph: 310/829-2156

What: Nouar: Hell is a Kitchen - XUE Wang: The Unclouded Mind
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Opening Reception: Saturday December 10, 2011- 8:00 - 11:30 p.m.

LIVE MUSIC - Rosemarys Billygoat

Dates:   Exhibit runs; December 10 - December 31, 2011

Contact:  Gary Pressman, Gallery Director Copro Gallery 







Nouar: Hell is a Kitchen
in gallery 2

"Hell is a Kitchen" expands upon Nouar’s character-based aesthetic. A feast for the eyes in the most literal sense, her highly stylized, crisply rendered figures depict a variety of edible subjects & sexy pin up girls, personified and bursting with life. The artist’s work is reminiscent of—and inspired by—vintage imagery that encompasses post-WWII era animation, packaging and advertising art, particularly of the food industry. Paintings in this show are tied together by theme, and presented in a vibrantly appetizing color palette.

The messages in Nouar’s paintings parallel the aberrations and accidental humor found in advertising imagery, intertwined with the artist's darker personal narratives. While humorous and inviting on the surface, her subjects convey multiple levels of meaning and connotation. Anthropomorphized and sometimes ambiguous in nature, Nouar’s characters invite the viewer to become engaged in their off-kilter world.


XUE Wang: The Unclouded Mind in gallery 3

Xue presents a vignette of 5 paintings inspired by a surreptitious visit to the now derelict Sussex county hospital in the village of Hellingly, Southwest England. The asylum closed its doors in 1994 and since then it is decaying, forgotten and rotting in the middle of nowhere. Says XUE of the experience "This drew me further into the labyrinthine possibilities for artistic exploration. The silent interiors and vacant corridors are being reclaimed by nesting crows and creeping ivy. Wards which once echoed with chattering and imbalanced minds crumble into ruins. The long departed residents are retreating ghosts who have made the walls their home."

XUE Wang was born in northern China in 1980, the year of the mischievous monkey. After a BA degree in Fashion in China at Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art in Shenyang she relocated to London at age 22 to finish her MA at University of Westminster. Painting and drawing, playing around with ideas, juxtaposing images and allowing her imagination free reign have all helped guide her development however her career has not followed a linear path. The self-reflective intimacy of art, which has always been latent in her, forced Xue’s transition from fashion to painting.