Shawn Barber
Natural Habitat

March 5 -March 26 2022

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Ashawn-barber-lyle-tuttle-gypsy-chuckwagon-wip15- Bshawn-barber-george-bone-hands-study-midres Cshawn-barber-tattooed-self-portrait-study-51-final1-midres
Portrait of the Artist, Lyle Tuttle,
On the Gypsy Chuck Wagon, Ukiah, CA
72" x 48" oil on linen

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George Bone's Hands Study
12" x 12" oil on linen panel

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Tattooed Self portrait study at 51
16"x12" oil on linen panel

Dshawn-barber-christina-tigerpaws-ramos2-final1-midres Eshawn-barber-chris-brand-triple-portrait-wip11-midres Eshawn-barber-lyle-tuttle-gyspywagon-wip11-midres
Christina Tiger Ramos Hands Study 2
oil on linen panel 12" x 16"

Triple Portrait of the Artist, Chris Brand
36"x 48" oil on canvas

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Lyle Tuttle's Gypsy Chuck Wagon, Ukiah, CA'
24"x 30" oil on panel

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Gshawnbarber-don-ed-hardy Hshawn-barber-lyle-tuttle-jonesy-machines-final1-midres Ishawn-barber-savannah-colllen-final1-midres
Portrait of the Artist, Don Ed Hardy
36"x 24" oil on linen
Lyle Tuttle's Jonesy Squareback Machine Drawer 1
36" x 48 " oil on panel

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Portrait of the Artist Savannah Colleen
26"x 24" oil on linen

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Jshawn-barber-chris-brand-mask-study-final1-midres Zshawn-barber-bill-salmon-5views-wip11-midres shawn-barber-checker-demon-road-trip-final-midres
Chris Brand's Masks 1
16"x 12" oil on linen panel

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Portrait of the Artist, Bill Salmon, 5 views' tryptych
72"x 68" oil on canvas

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Checker Demon Ride From Stuttgart to London
(with Luke, Filip, Titine, Tino, and Sue)
24"x 48" oil on linen

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‘Vanitas, with Lyle Tuttle’s Tattoo Body Shirt’ WIP
9” x 12” oil on linen panel

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Lyle Tuttles Workshop Door, Ukiah, CA'
64"x 30" oil on linen

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‘Lyle Tuttle’s Circle Frame Tattoo Machine, Disassembled WIP
5” x 7”,oil on linen panel, 2022

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