Dark Vomit
Killer Clown Revue

October 3 - October 24

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All paintings come framed

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clownwithgun5x7 last1 it

Pistol Packin Clown (It squirts)
20"x16" squirting gun box

The Clowns Last Supper
30"x60" oil on board

We All Float Down Here
20"x10" oil on board
pogopaintingpogo smokeout jackandthebong4x8
I Hope you Enjoy this Painting
as much as I Enjoyed Painting
14"x11" oil on board
The Great American Fast Food Smokeout
26" x 48"oil on board

The Explanation of Jack's Smile
24" x 12 " oil on board

puppet1 clownfrogprince5x7 puppet2
JWG interactive Puppet Theatre
26" x 14" without stand (strobes light)

CClown Frog Prince
16"X20" oil on board

close up JWG puppet